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What You Didnt Know About Rug Cleaning

Over the years you have had a spot or three here and there, theres been coffee spilled, some wine, but you were so good at cleaning up the spot that you have no idea where it even was anymore. You have made it a habit to vacuum often and overall, I think youd say that your rug looks to be in pretty good condition. Even though your rug might look great, it is possible that its not getting the proper attention that it needs.

It is important to know that just because you cant see a soiled spot on your rug, does not mean that it doesnt exists. After a year, a carpet or rug that is left in a vacant house or room will be soiled. The soiling comes from the dust and oils that build up and hid on the bottom of the rugs over time.

Proper Rug Cleaning Should Be Left To Professionals

Allowing a person that is not a professional to clean your rugs, might get your carpets a bit cleaner looking but it could also be a horrible disaster that happens. Some rug cleaning jobs leave carpets completely ruined. If your rug was completely ruined, you would have to remove and replace it. If you dont have proper equipment, cleaning a rug or carpet can be very difficult to do alone and what makes it even harder when you dont have the proper cleaning solutions as well. It makes me sad when I see people renting rug/carpet cleaning machines because I know that they arent aware that those machines dont have enough power to clean below the surface and get the built up dirt out of the fibers.

If you werent aware, there is a great deal of chemistry and technique that goes into cleaning a rug correctly, and even having the right equipment, it can still be difficult to do the job properly. The rug can be ruined from being too wet or from using the wrong cleaning solutions. Some cleaning solutions leave behind residue, and when it dries, it collects more dirt than it previously had. If you clean the dirt off a window with a soapy towel, the towel will get the dirt off, but when the window dries, dust will stick to any of the residue from the chemical that was used. It is important to know the manufacturers warranty as well, because depending on what you use on your carpet, the warranty may be voided.

All In The Fibers

It is important to vacuum at least twice a week and to use mats of good quality to have outside of your home. Now, vacuuming does not remove everything. Regular vacuuming has the potential to remove at least 70 percent of the dust and dirt that builds up on your rugs. Along with the other 30 percent of dirt that the rug fibers hold on to oil allergens, so its important to get areas with high traffic, professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Pointing out areas of concern in your home are great ideas if you are going to hire a professional carpet cleaner. They will want to know what you see as your trouble spots on your rugs, before they start to clean and especially your tough situations.

No Rug Cleanings Are The Same

Each cleaning situation is not the same as the others and because of this, Carpet cleaning cleaning professionals tactics will vary depending on your fabric and the state that its in.