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What Is A Plumber?

That is a very good question and the answer might surprise a lot of people When people think of plumbers they typically think of a guy in overalls with a monkey wrench who tightens fittings to stop leaks and carries and industrial size plunger to unclog toilets. While it is true a plumber is responsible for doing such things they also do a whole lot more than that. Lets take a look at all the things a plumber must do well in order get their jobs done. Here is a list of duties that a plumber performs that will help define what is a plumber.


Before any plumber can leave the shop they must make sure that their truck is fully loaded with all the supplies they will need to have for the days jobs. They must also make sure they have the tools on board to do job and commonly used tools too in case something else needs to be done that was unexpected.

If we asked many people what a plumber is not many people would say they are a driver but it is actually something a plumber must be very skilled at. Plumbers do not have their work come to them so they must go to it and in order to do that they must navigate their way to the job in their service vehicle. Anyone

Customer Service Rep

What is a plumber? It is a person that must be skilled at handling customers in a courteous and informational way. They must call their customers if they are running late so that customer does not get angry waiting and they also must greet the customer and then establish a rapport with them while they are doing the work.

Often times a plumber does not know what the root problem is that is causing the customer to need to call them to come out and do a repair. In that case the plumber must be able to go to a job and diagnose what the problem is and then chart a course of action to do the repair.


No plumber can proceed with a repair unless the customer knows what the cost of that repair is and if they can afford to pay for it. After a plumber has diagnosed the problem then must then work up an estimate that the customer can look at and give them the approval to go ahead with the work.

Repair Person

Of course you can hardly define what is a plumber without mentioning the many different kinds of service work they perform on a routine basis. They do everything from cleaning clogged up sewer lines to replacing a broken faucet.

Accountant/PR Rep

No job is complete without payment so the plumber must next add up the bill and present it to the customer for payment. Once this is done they will then need to provide any additional the customer needs to know and bid then goodbye.

A plumber truly is a person that wears many different hats all under one title.


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