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Do You Need A Homebuyers Report

Many home buyers in the UK think that when the mortgage lender inspects the property they intend to buy they are conducting a survey, in actual fact all they are doing is a mortgage valuation. Everyone should Protect themselves and the property by getting a full homebuyers report and inspection, this will tell you all you need to know about your potential home and help you avoid a big and costly mistake.

When a surveyor visits a property this is what he is on the lookout for.

Structural movement : this can mean large cracks to subsidence or settlement. This can be caused by large trees and appears in areas of clay soil, trees often have to be taken out and foundations strengthened to secure the property.Sometimes poor workmanship can lead to structural problems as people remove a chimney or supporting wall and don't understand the problems with this.

The next thing Homeowners often overlook is how much damage can be caused by rising damp in buildings. Unless there is a damp proof membrane moisture will soak up into a building unless and external walls, sometimes its just a matter of blocked gutters and downipes, these need to be properly maintained to prevent rainwater penetration.

Along the same lines is Wet rot timber decay related to damp conditions. Poorly maintained wooden window frames will be llikely to rot. All external woodwork should be kept well decorated to prevent decay and damp.Dry rot can be found under the floorboards and lives in damp areas with low ventilation.

In older properties where insects like woodworm attack floorboards and roof timbers, beatle problems can also occur and Seriously damaged timbers will need to be replaced and the infestation treated.

The condition and age of the electrical supply is something a surveyor will also check, any d.i.y. electrics will be exposed here. Old rubber covered wiring is still found in some old houses and the cost of a full rewire can be expensive.

The proper gas service maintenance of appliances is essential and it is very important that any damaged pipework, defective appliances and poorly maintained heaters are dealt with correctly.

Again in older mainly the drains will need to checked carefully as they can be damaged from the roots of any trees nearby, water leaks can wash away the sub soil beneath foundations and lead to more structural damage.

Replacing the roof on a house these days will cost several thousands of pounds so it is vital that the condition of the roof covering is thoroughly checked and assessed prior to any purchase completing to make sure that it is watertight and in reasonable condition.

So be protected and employ a suitably qualified chartered surveyor to prepare a full homebuyers report and know the potential dangers before you complete your purchase.,


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