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Diy Fixes For Common Home Garage Door Repair Problems

Sometimes, hiring a contractor to do a home garage door repair puts a dent on a tight budget. Some homeowners nowadays prefer to buy pre-assembled furniture and equipment from stores like Ikea. Such innovation has sparked the inner handyman in all of us, just like the tinker fairies in the world of Tinker Bell, Bobble, and Clank.

Always use caution when working on your garage door. It is extremely heavy and the torsion springs are under extreme pressure. Not knowing what you're doing can be hazardous so if you are unsure consult a professional garage door repair company. Keep yourself and your familiy safe.

Here is a list of common garage door repair tricks for the homeowner. These can be done without an expert repairmans aid.

1) Squeaky Doors

While a commercially available oil-based spray does its job of removing that annoying sound, these degrease the garage doors movable parts. Use a silicone or lithium- based lubricant to silence squeaky doors. These are available at a home improvement store nearby.

2) Garage doors that are frozen

Yes, snow makes door immobile, and its hinges stiff. The reason is that icy sediments have gathered inside the doors movable parts. Whats worse is when one tries to pry the door open, the garage door is stuck. Have a hair dryer or heat gun ready. Hover the hair dryer over the parts where the ice has settled. If there are stubborn parts that are covered with thicker ice, use a hammer and chisel to chip it off away, being careful not to hit parts that are working.

3) The garage door is not opening or closing

The logical thing to do when this happens is to check whether theres news of a power outage in the area. If there is none, the next step is to check the remote control, electrical wiring, fuse box, and the circuit breaker which is connected to the garage door.

4) Rusty hinges, and other metallic parts

In a garage door repair, the rust removal process needs to be done carefully, making sure that only affected parts are repaired. Try doing the following steps to a rust free garage door:

- Close the door and inspect the surface closely. Rust is often found at the bottom panel of the door

- Clean the bottom panel or affected part with regular dish washing liquid and warm water

- Wipe off the rusty area of the garage door with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar.

- Use a steel wool to scrub off rusty parts until all the rust is removed from the door.

- Apply a chrome primer over the areas where rust was removed. This protects the metallic parts from future oxidation (rusting).

5) Garage door replacement panel does not match the original panel.

A simple repainting job does the trick to making the panels look alike. The colors used would depend on ones preference. Please consult a paint expert if one is not familiar with paint job processes for a garage door repair.


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