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An Insight into Walk behind Lawn Mowers and Self Propelled Mowers

There are many varying factors that operate behind the walk behind lawn mowers. The way the fuel moves, what pushes the lawn mower, the way the grass is cut etc. When you are about to invest in a walk-behind or push lawn mower, it is important for you to check the size and slope of the lawn. You should look carefully at the landscape and check the number of trees you have and if the condition of your lawn is full of weeds or seeds. Some people love push lawn mowers as it gives them a healthy form of exercise.

The walk-behind lawn mower is often called a reel or a push lawn mower. The reel lawn mower has a bag where the clippings of the grass are dropped to the ground. If you look at the push lawn mower, it has its share of good and bad. If the size of your lawn is very big, it is not wise for you to go in for a push lawn mower. Here, a ride-on mower will help you keep the grass cut and the lawn clean.

The self propelled lawn mower

For large lawns, you can opt for the self propelled gas lawn mower. This mower is moved with the help of a motor. It may have a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive. There can be a single speed or a variable speed. There are some lawn mowers that have cruise control and they are recommended for an half an acre gardens or lawns. These lawn mowers have an electric switch like that of a car. They have another high end feature that is known as the blade over-ride. This means that the blade is stopped without cutting the machines motor. If you wish to empty the bag of grass clippings, you can stop the machine and re-start the engine. This adds to your safety too when you are mowing the lawn. Visit Dad and Jerry Mower Shop for more information.

The push lawn mowers with gas

There are push lawn mowers with gas. These lawn mowers are highly recommended for gardens and yards that are up to one third of an acre. These lawn mowers however need more physical exercise. However, they require lesser amounts of repairs over the self-propelled mowers. They do not have a very long life-span. Gardening experts suggest they should be used for mulching.

There are corded electric mowers that have easier starts and less noise levels. They are very light in weight and report lesser emissions over any other gas mower. There are some social communities that give discounts for switching from gas to electric lawn mowers. You can get these corded electric mowers with push and self propelled features. The cordless electric motors tend to give you better flexibility and range. They are not connected to a cord and they also can be converted to solar power. This is friendly for the environment. Many people are going in for solar energy nowadays to curb pollution and make the mower environment friendly.


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